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About us

Voplica is a pioneering technology influencer dedicated to helping artists, influencers, and bloggers worldwide integrate AI into their workflows. Our mission is to streamline content creation, enhance quality, and save valuable time for creatives.

Our team at Voplica consists of experienced tech enthusiasts, each with over a decade of expertise in software engineering, algorithms, computer science, big data, distributed systems, graph databases, and AI. This rich background enables us to develop cutting-edge tools and services tailored for AI artists.

As an influencer, Voplica shares her creative projects, including photos, videos, and music. She embodies digital elegance and vocal mastery, inviting you into an artistic AI universe. Known for her generosity and community support, she is passionate about helping others.

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We currently have the following projects in development:

  • AI Automation Pipeline: This tool identifies and corrects common issues in AI-generated photos, such as imperfections in hands, faces, skin, hair, feet, and clothing.
  • Advanced Upscaling Method: Our innovative upscaling technique improves image quality significantly while maintaining coherence with the original low-resolution image.
  • Enhanced Training Pipelines with LoRa, DoRa, and Fine-tuning: We specialize in transforming low-to-medium quality photos into high-quality datasets, optimized for training custom models. Our advanced training pipelines—featuring LoRa, DoRa, and fine-tuning techniques - ensure the creation of exceptional custom models. These models deliver consistent, high-quality character photos, enhancing your creative projects with superior visual fidelity.
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For partnership or collaboration opportunities, please contact us at: hi@voplica.com

For any non-business inquiries, please send messages to us on Facebook or Instagram.

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